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High quality, digitally restored historical photographs and canvas prints produced from the original master glass plates, slides and negatives.



Have you ever noticed when strolling through a town, the older buildings and the fine detail crafted into them? Or looked at an old, dilapidated building and wondered what it must have looked like when it was first built. Have you ever wondered about the neighborhoods of a half century or longer ago, when electronics like computers & cell phones were unheard of?When families would “hitch up the team,” or pile into the family DeSoto to go visiting, passing Burma Shave signs along the way?

Nostalgia and wonder strike everyone, young & old, and here at Yesterday’s Trails Historical Photos, we are no exception! In every photograph, reproduced from the original master negatives, glass plates and slides, we have worked through comprehensive restoration to make images both vintage & contemporary look as close to the day it was taken as possible so you can be transported back in time or simply admire natures handiwork. Additionally, each photograph includes a brief background or history, so you can understand the history behind the photo.

So we invite you to come in, look around & stay as long as you like. There are many trails to explore, many that may define your own individual heritage in some way. Hopefully you will see, as we have, that photographs are more than a picture; they're a reflection in time!